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2011 in Film

I’ll regret doing this (like every other year) but here are some of the films from 2011, in no particular order, I haven’t been able to get out my head.

  • Beginners: Mike Mills

(Sure, it wears its twee and hipster sensibilities on its sleeve, but it was sweet, honest and beautiful to look at.)

  • Drive: Nicolas Winding Refn
  • Kill List: Ben Wheatley

(I was completely blindsided by this perfectly executed, unrelentingly brutal film that transcends genres.)

  • 50/50: Jonathan Levine

(I loved that this movie about a cancer patient in his 20s was funny, brilliantly written, amazingly well-observed and moving without descending into cloying sentimentality.)

  • Attack the Block: Joe Cornish

(Genre-mashing done right.)

  • The Guard: John Michael McDonagh

(The Guard was arguably the most I giggled through a crime-thriller since ‘In Bruges’.)

  • Hanna: Joe Wright
  • Super: James Gunn
  • The Trip: Michael Winterbottom
  • Midnight in Paris: Woody Allen

(I’m not going to apologize for loving this film. While it wasn’t anywhere near his best work, it was tremendously enjoyable fluff that only Woody Allen could come up with.)

Honorable mentions: X-Men: First Class, Delhi Belly, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Super 8, Fright Night.

PS: I still haven’t watched Hugo, The Artist and Shame.

(Image from Kill List)

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  1. I feel Shame will make it into this list easily. I haven't seen many of the films on this list. :(

  2. Excellent list and a nice summary of the year. A few I haven't seen so need to to catch up :)

    My top two would be Drive and The Guard.

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